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Dan Valency

One of the top mental coaches in Israel, the founder & CEO of the     model. Leads athletes to excellence and performance enhancement. He accompanies athletes from all sectors, groups at all levels, CEOs, and coaches from all over the world. 

Valency is also well known for his lectures to athletes, college students, and the general public on Sports excellence and self-fulfillment.

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This is the first time will and soul actions such as closing a rebound are counted, measured, and become statistics. What wins games is not the talent of the players (30%) but the effort they put into the red actions (70%). - Dan Valency



        uses analysis from Scouting4u,  one of the leading services in the world servicing the realm of basketball scouting and delivering advanced statistical analysis.
Thanks to Daniel Gutt's vision, Scouting4u managed to develop and reflect the 70-30 model in the most accessible, measurable, and detailed way.

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The   model Valency developed holds a tremendous success record, including Maccabi Tel Aviv's Championship in the Euroleague (2014), historic Hapoel Jerusalem championship a year later.

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Oren Amiel

Amiel has won 8 local championships and won the title of coach of the season (19/20) in the FIBA Champions League.

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Neno Ginzburg

"We installed into the program a system called 70/30 created by Dan Valency. This method measures and analyzes Effort and Activity, and gives us another view of how to evaluate individuals and team performance.

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Lior Keret

Coach of S.C Daniel zefat and Professional director of the basketball department of the Upper Galilee Regional Council

"Our focus is on the soul actions, the amount of actions each player performs, and the strengths of each player. 70/30 helping the players focus their priorities in order to play better and be more effective for the team.

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Gather our client's vision and goals.

Analyze and reflect the variance between the vision and the current performance.


Tailor the specific execution plan to increase the team's commitment.

Achieve great success by building a long term coaching strategy and a new language that create a long-lasting tradition of winning.

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